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can bee gears

Canbeegears company started its operations in 2020 with the same name. Şadi Akgün, production manager, is a well-known manufacturer of protective bee equipment in Turkey, since 2014. He was born in Kula in 1960, and started tailoring at the age of twelve in Salihli, Manisa. He worked as a foreman in various leather manufactory workshops after settling down in Izmir in 1982. He continued his commercial life until 2003 with his own company, established with the name of Akgün Deri. Then, he ended his leather company’s operations. He retired from Ruba Allegro textile company as a manager and started the production of beekeeping equipment. In 2020, he and the other co-founder Murat Çırmık established Canbeegears company together, which will be focused on domestic market and export. Murat Çırmık was born in Buca Izmir, in 1980. After he started his career as an undergraduated tourism professional, he worked as a manager in various hotels. He passed to the field of sales and marketing, and worked in some international companies such as Türk Tuborg A.Ş. After then, he showed interest in the production sector and launched into commercial life. He focused on cost accounting as well as advanced English and sales/marketing training. This partnership is started with a family sincerity and grows stronger day by day in professional life.