Product Quality

can bee gears

In general, we design and manufacture bee masks to prevent honey bees from stinging the honey producer, and especially to create a safe area on honey producer’s head part and make him easier to work. We offer it to the use of honey producers in the form of overalls, two pieces consisting of top and bottom, one piece consisting of only the top or a bee mask that only protects the head in accordance with the needs of the user. First class head protector bee masks are indispensable for all of these outfits. We produce our materials from every color and every quality, according to the season, geographical location and honey producers’ special needs. Our sales policy is to supply all the clothing needs of our honey producers as well as bringing first class clothes to our honey producers.

Production Materials:

We make our standard production from first class cotton fabric. We have a flexible production structure in fabric quality and color options depending on special needs. We present fabric quality certificates to our customers when needed. By-product items such as zippers except for fabric used in our clothes are first quality materials. The material quality of our protective bee outfits is planned for long-lasting use of the clothes.

Protectiveness of Clothes:

Our protective bee masks provide full protection against bee stings since they surround honey producer’s head in a safe area. In addition, extra fabric reinforcement is applied to the parts of the mask that contact with the head. All connection points of our protective bee clothes are protected by means of binding tapes and various methods in order to prevent honey bees from entering honey producer’s body. The weaving density of the fabrics used in production is thick enough to provide preventive resistance to honey bee stings. In addition, there are precautions to seal the wrist and similar areas such as knitwear or rubber on our clothes against bee entry.

Use of Clothes:

It is extremely easy for honey producers to put on and take off the clothes with specially designed zipper, rubber and various accessory supports. The front part of our protective bee masks towards the eyes is covered with wire mesh made of first-class black colored special material and provides the manufacturer with an excellent view and also facilitates breathing. There are non-flammable flywire windows for ventilation in certain parts of the clothes. Our protective bee suits, which contain many pockets for our honey producers to carry their equipment comfortably, are also modular and can be used for multiple purposes. Head masks can be separated, tops can be used as coats, trousers can be worn for various jobs. It is designed to protect from cold or not to sweat according to geographical location and climate.